Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fight Stress at Your Yoga Studio

Hi guys! I just wanted to take a minute to introduce today's guest post: It is all about yoga. Yoga is something I've had an interest in for a while now. Though I'm certainly not flexible, I love the idea of relaxing and focusing your mind and body. I've tried doing some of the poses at home - but I've never gone to an actual yoga is definitely on my to-do list! I hope that you enjoy this guest post: 

Stress can affect nearly every aspect of your life, from your weight and health to your overall happiness. It can even make you less productive at home and work. It can also lead to heart disease, stomach problems, and much more. Deep-breathing meditation and intense stretching techniques can help you quickly relieve stress in a healthy, natural manner. Your Portland yoga studio can help you to release your stress, focus on the positive things in life, and so much more.

Lose Weight

While helping you achieve a clearer mind and spirit, regularly practicing yoga can also help you achieve a leaner, more toned body. Yoga is a great low-intensity workout, which can help you to lose weight over time. Stress can also make you gain weight, especially around the belly, so fighting stress in a natural manner can help you to more easily lose weight. Yoga can also help you improve your flexibility and balance.

Stretch from Home

During your next yoga session, try to remember some of the stretches and attempt to replicate the breathing exercises from home. This will help you to further the benefits experienced during the class. Whenever you are experiencing severe stress or anxiety, make sure to breathe deeply and focus on relaxation and clearing your mind. If possible, try to set some time aside at least several times per week to just relax and focus on positive things that make you happy.

Call Your Yoga Studio

Most yogis find that Ashtanga, Satyananda, and Hatha yoga classes are the best choices for those who just want to get a good stretch or deep-breathing session. Make sure to listen to your body and don’t push yourself too hard. Achieving a deep, meaningful stretch is the purpose of yoga, but it is important that you don’t push past the point that you feel comfortable.

Call your local Portland yoga studio to determine what classes they offer and which one can help you to most easily, quickly relax. Look for a class that has stress relief and deep breathing in mind, above all else.

Do you practice yoga? What do you love most about it?

xo Shannon


  1. I've started about two weeks ago, mostly to help me cope with the stress... But def to help me with weight loss too.

  2. Never tried it, but I would be curious to. :):X

  3. i love yoga!! i relax a lot with yoga! ;)))
    if u have pleasure honey come to see my new post….


  4. I am a fan of Yoga! Its a great stress-buster for me. When I was pregnant, the prenatal Yoga exercises helped me a lot in keeping fit. Loved the post!

    Have a great day. Hop over to my blog when you have time.

    That Sassy Girl

  5. Wow, love this post! So inspiring!
    I am such a huge fan of yoga, one of my favourite hobbies :)
    Hope you have a fantastic day
    Lots of love,
    Kate xo

  6. I do love yoga! I'm just doing the basics and been wanting to do some more to make my body flexible. Lol. It's totally fun and relaxing.

  7. I really need to make time to do yoga again. I used to do pilates and I really enjoyed it. thanks for the motivation!


  8. This is so important! And I'm glad you talked about Yoga. I really need to go to that this weekend


  9. I still didn't try Yoga yet but it's on the list
    Thanks for remind me how important
    xx, Malena
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  10. I used to LOOOOVE doing Yoga in college. It really makes me feel at peace. I should get back into it :)

  11. Yoga is definitely something I've been wanting to get into for quite some time now. However never having been a big sports or workout kind of person I've found it pretty hard to commit too. What do you love most about yoga? :)

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  12. Really great post! I love doing yoga, I always feel so happy and refreshed after a class :)
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  13. I love yoga, did hot yoga for over 2 years and i miss so much!

  14. I haven't done yoga in such a long time but this makes me want to again!
    This is a really great post :)


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  15. cute post
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  16. great post!I wanna start to do it!kisses!

  17. Fab post! I love yoga, its so so relaxing! x

  18. i fell in love with your blog! you are a great writer :D fashion blog miriam stella

  19. I need to start doing yoga again, it is the best!
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  20. i never tried yoga but it does sounds like its excellent for body&soul :)

  21. Awesome post! Loooove yoga!

  22. Really need to get back to yoga. Cute post xx

  23. Интересный пост!!

  24. I have to start practising yoga, I hope it will help for my stres.

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  25. Nice post! i love yoga, it helps me stay fit and full of enerygy!

  26. Wow , I love it <33 X Anna

  27. I love sports - especially workout and yoga! really helps you become a healthier and better person! Go for it! Merci for your lovely comment on my Blog - hope you‘ll come back soon and check out my newest Post about some seriously amazing pocket-watches from „Candy&Grace“ ♡Love, Kyra

  28. I really want to start to do YOGA!

  29. Great post! I think you should definitely go and take a class ;) I do it regularly for over a year now and I love it. I can be exhausting, relaxing, stretching and even muscle building at once (our teacher's got a six pack and is hot!), totally like it! xoxo Nini