Monday, December 31, 2012

write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.

It is amazing how quickly time seems to go by. Already, another year is about to begin. I always love this time of year, because anything seems possible.

2012 has brought about a lot of changes and personal growth in my life. And I have never been happier. Life may be busy and hectic, but I am working hard and have amazing people around me.

Like a lot of people, I have my own resolutions for the coming year. When it comes down to it though, all I really want is to be happy and grateful for the life I have and the things I am achieving. That is my ultimate resolution.

Whatever you do, I hope that you have a wonderful New Years celebration!

What are your resolutions this year?

xo Shannon


  1. Like you I too would like most to remain grateful and appreciative for where I am at and for achievements up to this point, as well as hopeful and excited for the future!:) Hope this new year brings you all you desire and more!! xoxo

  2. best wishes to you too! (and as usual, I love the title of this post!)

    my resolutions are pretty general: write more, eat healthier... same old, same old.

  3. Really nice blog you have! Happy new year!

    Love, Lisette
    24/7 STYLISH

  4. Happy new year!

    <3 Melissa

  5. My biggest resolution for 2013 is to be the happy and make everyone around me happy no matter what it takes... Still think it'll be a battle rather than a resolution but I guess that's the point.

    Happy New Year to you too Shannon.
    May the new year bring all your dreams to a reality!

  6. Happy new year! I'm so glad your blog is doing well, you deserve it.
    My resolution is to start making YT videos! :) xx

  7. lovely post, happy new year!!

  8. Great post as always hun,happy new year wishing u a happy,prosperous,blessed&peaceful 2013. May ur dreams come true. Lots of love

  9. A very Happy New Year to you and may 2013 be a good year to you :)

    Celyx Lim []

  10. Happy New Year Shannon - I hope 2013 is your best yet!

    Melissah from Scrapbook

  11. oh gosh, I haven't thought about my resolutions yet, hehe.

    Happy New Year of 2013! <3
    I wish you all the best and I hope you'll have the time of your life! XO

    Have a sweet and brilliant day!!
    Greeting from ヽ(^。^)ノ

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    and let me know if you like to follow each other (just making friends) But if you don't like, it's still ok :D no problems at all (*^。^*)


  13. Happy New Year to you too! I can understand the feeling, it almost feels as if you have turned to a different chapter to your book of life. I don't usually keep resolutions, because I am unable to keep up with them, but yeah, the ultimate resolution will be to be grateful for such a great life. Happy New Year again! :)

  14. beautiful post!!:):)Your blog is so lovely! I'm thinking, if you want, we can follow each other! It would be great!!happy new year!!
    xoxo Gloria

  15. Happy New Year, dear! Wishing you all the best in 2013! :*

  16. I'm glad 2012 was a good year for you. I hope 2013 treats you even better!

  17. Wish you the best for 2013! :*

  18. I love this post, love your words... Happy New Year, hugs and the best wishes for you =)

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  20. Lovely post!

    Happy New year! Hope you had a great NYE!
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    Lovely blog and post ^_^!
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  22. Happy new Year!! :)



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  24. Happy New Year to you! Hope 2013 is the best year!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  25. Beautifully said dear! Happy New Year, let it bring all the best!



  26. Happy New year 2013!Love and luck in the new year!

  27. Happy (belated) New Year!!!!
    i've got 6 resolutions for 2013 (which you can read on the blog if you want to :-) ) and I hope I can manage to achieve at least one for a change :-D


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