Thursday, May 3, 2012

guest blog post for: a whimsy heart.

I was asked by the wonderful Terri at A Whimsy Heart to write a guest blog post! The post is all about my own experience discovering fashion. I would love it for you all to take the time to read it.

My Guest Blog Post at A Whimsy Heart!

Terri's blog is so beautiful and inspiring. I love reading her posts! I definitely encourage you all to follow her incredible blog, A Whimsy Heart!

xo Shannon


  1. aww congrats on guest posting! i will for sure check it out!

  2. Wow it seems like she has an amazing closet! Thanks for the comment girl!!(:
    Cant wait to see u on my blog

  3. Lovely teaser to your guest blog-post! ;) We're def heading there and read your article. Congratz, gorgeous! Well deserved. Following!

    PS: Check out our new second DIY tutorial series to add your spring inspiration! ;)

    MLU the blog.

  4. Awesome, I'll definitely check out her blog.

    New blog post on my site. Check it out if you want.

  5. Going to check out her blog!

    Bad Joan

  6. Good job Shannon :-D Congrats xx

  7. Oh that's awesome! You did a great job - love your guest post! I used to neglect fashion too a few years ago... then as you've said, the urge to embrace it just... came. Like this :)
    Thanks for sharing!