Tuesday, August 15, 2017

why trisha paytas is my style icon.

Everyone has a style icon...whether you look up to a red carpet celebrity, a friend, family member, or even an Internet sensation. Over the years, there have been many people who have influenced my love of fashion and beauty. The short list includes designers like Victoria Beckham and Betsey Johnson - and women like Audrey Hepburn and Khloe Kardashian. Though each one is very different from the other, they represent something that resonates within me. For instance, Victoria and Audrey personify elegant sophistication while Betsey and Khloe are all about having fun. I like to think that my style has a bit of both, combining both the classic and the playful.

Another icon to add to the list? Trisha Paytas. In case you don't already know who she is, Trisha is a YouTube star with over a billion video views. Her content typically follows her personal life but she also makes music videos, does try on hauls, and well, a little bit of everything! (She most recently self-evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house in the UK. Which was a good choice, given how toxic that place seemed to be.) Basically, I adore her.

It was several years ago that I stumbled across one of her videos. It showed up in my recommendations and on a whim, I decided to watch. Well...I ended up going back and watching all of her older videos. And I do mean all of them. The next several weeks of my life were dedicated to Trish, Trish, and more Trish. Why? There was something so unique about her. I loved her honestly, her bubbly personality, and how relatable she was. While some people are quick to call her overly emotional...I definitely understand where she comes from. I always feel things very deeply, whether they are good or bad. She is just honest enough to share that side of herself with the Internet. Respect!

It wasn't just her content that I fell head over heels for. Her style also made me giddy. She loves to dress in themes (like a Barbie theme, a Britney Spears theme, or a Game of Thrones theme) which is totally up my alley. Trisha is also a big fan of sparkles, bling, fun colours, and outfits with tons of personality. She does not shy away from expressing herself through clothing. That is something I aspire to. Often, I will re-think a specific look because it is too over the top or a little out there. Not anymore. With Trisha as my style icon, there is nothing that is off-limits.

Yes, I am feeling super inspired by her fashion sense lately. So I wanted to share a few of my favourite outfits from her. Get ready for tons and tons of glamour!

All of these pictures were taken from Trisha's Instagram account, so follow her if you don't already! As you can see...she definitely knows how to have fun with fashion. That is something I strive to do each and every day.

Who are your style icons? Are you a fan of Trisha Paytas?

xo Shannon


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  3. I have never heard of her, but she looks fierce.

  4. Not someone I relate to when it comes to my style, but I totally get you based on what you said. :D


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  6. she looks amazing :D


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  8. She's so gorgeous and cool!


  9. What a bold style! Some people really can pull off bold styles like these. I am in awe and almost jealous that she can!