Friday, October 9, 2015

gorgeous gowns from Landybridal.

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It is something we all dream of. That moment of saying I do in the perfect dress. It still amazes me that one article of clothing can mean so much. Like most pieces, a wedding dress isn't special because of the fabric, the beading, or the lace. It is special because of what it represents: being in love. That feeling - combined with the right dress - can make you look and feel more beautiful than ever. What a magical moment that is. Weddings are something I have been thinking about a lot lately. Not only do I have a friend getting married this month but I just celebrated my three month wedding anniversary. Time really does fly! 

Speaking of weddings....I have been busy browsing the latest designs. Even though I already had my special day I cannot help but look at beautiful wedding dresses 2016. Every season there are new designs, trends, and details to admire. It makes me wonder what kind of dress my friend will wear on her big day. Will it be a ballgown? A-line? Lace? Personally I love the latter. 

Lace wedding dresses are classic. They blend sophistication and elegance with timeless romance. No wonder so many celebrities and brides-to-be choose to wear a lace dress. On my wedding day I wore a princess ballgown - but a lace dress was a close second. I absolutely love how they look. Just picture it: lace sleeves and a lace neckline? Talk about stunning. 

Yes, I love looking at wedding dresses. Which is why I have been browsing the selection on the Landybridal website. They have so many incredible pieces to choose from. Long, short, simple, and over the top. There are dresses for every single type of bride. Are you looking for the perfect dress? Then be sure to check out their selection of gorgeous gowns. These are a few of my favourites.....

What do you think of these dresses? Which one is your favourite?

xo Shannon


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