Sunday, May 10, 2015

getting summer ready with tidestore.

It's funny. Where I live, winter seemed to stick around for ages....then suddenly it is crazy hot outside. It feels like we skipped spring entirely and are already in the midst of summer! It has definitely been a crazy year, weather wise. But personally? I am okay with all of the sunshine and super hot days. Now I get to wear cute outfits and pretend that long winter never existed. The best part? As I am writing this, sunshine is pouring through the windows. That alone makes me smile. It also makes me think of summer style.

Lately I have been looking for summer worthy clothes online. Why? I absolutely adore the bright colours, the lightweight fabrics, and the cute details. Flirty dresses, cute tanks, and swimwear. Yes please! That is how I found myself browsing This online clothing store is one of my favourites. They have so many incredible pieces to choose from. And if you are on a budget, you can cheap shop online with ease. Ready to embrace summer weather? Me too! That is why I have come up with a few must-haves to get you through the season. Here goes....
Summer Must Have: Cute Swimwear 
One of the best things about the summer months? Being able to hit the beach, go to a water park, or lounge around outdoors. For that, you definitely need cute swimwear. I don't normally spend a lot of time swimming - but this year I am heading to Disney for my honeymoon. That means dips in the pool and water parks. That also means swimwear is a must! There are so many styles to choose from. My favourites lately are ones with cutouts. (Like the picture above.) Are you looking for discount swimsuits or a swimsuit for sale? You don't need to overspend to look fabulous at the pool! Just check out

Summer Must Have: Stunning Maxi Dresses
I confess. Maxi dresses are my all-time favourite spring and summer look. There is something about a gorgeous print and all of that fabric that instantly makes me feel sexy and put together. Maxi dresses are perfect for dinner or date night - or to walk around the mall. Throw on an oversized pair of sunglasses and create some sexy beachy waves and you are ready to turn some heads! Still searching for the perfect maxi dress? Tidestore has a number of long maxi dresses on sale. They have cheap maxi dresses, too! Whether you like cute details, bold patterns, or fun colours, you can find whatever you need. Take a look at their selection here:

Summer Must Have: Easy to Wear Tank Tops
One summer staple I will never get sick of? Tank tops. They are perfect in every way. I love how versatile they are - and how easy to wear they are. You can throw on a tank top and go just about anywhere. Plus you can rock them with shorts, a skirt, or even wear them over a swimsuit. The right tank top is special. Why? It can embody the spirit of summer. If you couldn't tell, I absolutely love tank tops. What I love most of all are tank tops with cute details. Like the one in the picture above. That heart cut out is too cute! They can instantly take a casual look and make it exciting. To find a cute tank top of your own, check out

Summer is on the way. Thank goodness! The sunshine and warm weather gives us all an excuse to have fun with fashion. I know that I will be doing my best to embrace the season. To find cute summer clothes, be sure to check out Tidestore.

How will you get summer ready this year? What are your summer must haves?

xo Shannon


  1. Looks very interesting!
    I love you and your Blog <3

    Kisses from Germany :)

  2. I love all the items. Great post!

  3. to me, they're one of those stores online that I'm not sure with until I see proof of good quality clothes y'know?

  4. Great finds!

    - Audrey

  5. This is a great set. I'm obsessing over that heart-shaped back detail. So feminine and sexy.

    Jessica |

  6. Great looks! I'm totally fine with hot days, we kind of skip spring too... Strange weather... Have a lovely week, dear!

  7. I love everything on this post! Have a nice week sweetie!

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