Sunday, February 3, 2013

Spotlight: Elizabeth Anne Shoes - Purse n' Boots

There is nothing better than playing with makeup, clothes, and accessories. But sometimes, the things we love can end up being a nuisance.

How many times have you been accosted by security at a concert for bag check? Or you're out to dinner with friends and wind up with your purse on your lap (or hanging haphazardly off the back of your chair!) the whole night? As cute as our purses are, they can get in the way.

Elizabeth Anne Shoes has created an incredible collection of boots that will let you go purse-free! It sounds too good to be true, but Purse n' Boots is a revolutionary idea that will change the way you think about footwear.

Each pair of boots by Elizabeth Anne Shoes has hidden pockets on the inside of the boots. These pockets are big enough to hold everything you'll need when you go out - your phone, makeup, money, ID, change, and all the odds and ends that accumulate at the bottom of our bags. Some styles even have passport pockets, so you really will be set for any occasion! So, the next time you want to go out dancing without lugging around a bag the whole night, Purse n' Boots will be your new best friend.

The brains behind Purse n' Boots? Elizabeth Anne LeGear. She is a 28-year old entrepreneur from Vancouver, BC. The inspiration for her boot collection came when she pulled her cell phone from the inside of her knee-high boots at a club one night. A bartender commented on what a great idea it was - and suddenly the inspiration for Elizabeth Anne Shoes was born.

When I first heard about the Purse n' Boots collection, I was amazed - it is such a fantastic concept. It seems that I am not the only one loving this idea. Elizabeth Anne Shoes online store is getting a ton of buzz in the media. With an idea this great, it is no wonder! 

If hidden pockets aren't enough to spark your interest, the high quality product and range of styles will be! All of the boots from the collection are made from the highest quality leathers. This ensures that your boots are comfortable, durable, and stylish. These boots are meant to last!

There are four different styles to choose from in the Purse n' Boots collection. They include: Fashion Boots, Walking Boots, Cowboy Boots, and Casual Boots.

Fashion Boots:

Fashion Boots include "The Original" Purse n' Boots style. These sexy, black knee-high boots have gorgeous details on the inside and on the outside! The butterfly decal adds just the right touch of glamour. With a 2.8 inch heel, rubber soles for traction and comfort, and made from cowhide leather, these boots are sure to bring out your sassy side!

Walking Boots:

Walking Boots include "The European." This super stylish walking boot is great for any horse lover or fan of equestrian inspired style! I really love the buckle detail on this boot - it looks amazing. This Purse n' Boots style includes the passport pocket (great boots to travel with!), a super comfy flat heel, and is made from cowhide leather.

Cowboy Boots:

Cowboy boots include: "Two Step." This boot is perfect for any girl with a little country in her heart! Not only will you be able to store all of your cards, money, your passport, and phone, these cowboy boots are made from cowhide leather with a hand-made upper, and are fully functional riding heels!

Casual Boots:

Casual boots include: "Indian Princess." This is my absolute favourite pair from Elizabeth Anne Shoes. I need to add these to my shoe collection! I have fallen in love, and hard. I love the details at the top of the boot, and I love that it is made of soft suede from cowhide leather. These boots look comfy and so so cute! I am already planning what dresses to wear them with. I can't help myself - I just love these boots!

I have definitely fallen in love with the concept and designs from Elizabeth Anne Shoes. If you are intrigued by what I've shown you here, check out the website for more information at:

What do you think of Purse n' Boots? Do you love the idea as much as I do?

xo Shannon


Though the idea was revolutionary and the designs were absolutely gorgeous, the business itself let down an awful lot of customers. (You can read about that in a news article here.) I do not believe the business is still around as of this update, as they seemed to struggle with order fulfillment and had a large number of customer service complaints. However, if they are still mindful before placing an order.


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  3. that's a BRILLIANT idea! when i was first reading about it i thought it might be a little cheesy. but since the pockets are on the inside and the boots are super cute, i think this is what we've all been waiting for. such an awesome find!

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  5. Holy crap, THIS IS THE DREAM. Hands-free shopping because of boots?? Count me in.

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  15. This is the neatest idea! We'd never heard of these!! Love the walking and casual styles!!

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  16. I love the walking boots and I love the concept of purse n boots! Very cool!
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  19. Pretty brilliant, if all stays in place! Great concept.

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  33. That is such a clever invention! When I was younger I always used to keep money in my trainers because I had no pockets, but it wasn't that comfortable haha. I really love the walking boots, they're my favourite.
    Great post! Sarah x

  34. Ha, I could use that invention! I always hate that I have to carry a bag around every time I need my wallet or phone. While guys can just put everything in their jeans pockets, on a girl it looks mostly pretty awful:) Thanks for sharing!

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