Saturday, March 10, 2018

fashion inspiration: Dresshopau

Few things inspire me more than fashion. It constantly amazes me how powerful a stunning outfit or dramatic dress can be. Not only does it look good but it makes you feel radiant, confident, and excited. The colours, the shapes, the design details....every little bit adds up to an extraordinary piece that inspires you to be your best self. To some people, fashion is nothing more than something to wear. But to fashionistas? Clothing is a tool to stand up and show the world who you are. If you fall into the fashionista category, then you will want to pay attention to Dresshopau.

Not only does this online fashion website have a wide array of gorgeous dresses to choose from, but there are also pieces that are suitable for a number of special occasions. Take weddings as an example! Wedding season is approaching quickly and now is the time to start planning all of the details. Whether you are looking for showstopping lace bridesmaid dresses for a summer wedding, gorgeous mother of the bride dresses, or even cute flower girl dresses, everyone in your life will
look picture perfect. Need a little help choosing the perfect dress? Not to worry. Take a peek at a few of my personal favourites.....

Sexy Natural Knee-length Lace Jewel Bridesmaid Dresses 
This particular dress immediately caught my eye. I have a major weakness for lace so this was right up my alley! I adore the soft colour, the delicate lace fabric, and of course, that oh-so-cute bow. Everything from the neckline to the length makes this soft, sweet, and romantic.

A-line/Princess Sleeveless Chiffon White V-neck Empire Bridesmaid Dress
There is something so effortlessly elegant about the dress pictured above. The colour, for instance. It looks good on everyone (which makes it a great choice for bridesmaids) and has a really polished and poised appearance. I also really love the soft neckline and flowing material. 

Junoesque Sleeveless Bateau Tulle Bridesmaid Dresses 
Here is a little fashion confession: I adore anything with a bit of a retro twist. And that is exactly what this dress has! The elegant neckline (along with the gorgeous beaded detail down the back) is so chic but once you add in that incredible tulle skirt? It has just the right amount of throwback style. 

New Style Sleeveless Chiffon Floor-Length Bateau Formal Dresses
As you can see, I have really been loving champagne/rose gold kind of shades lately. They are just so beautiful! The dress pictured above is a prime example. I absolutely love the strapless design and the way that metallic belt really separates the top and bottom sections. 

What is it about a great dress? It can inspire and make you feel absolutely unstoppable. These are a few of my favourite pieces from Dresshopau.....what are yours? Be sure to share your own favourites in the comment section below.


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