Monday, December 11, 2017

inspired by: shoespie

What is it about shoes? They have a way of pulling together an outfit and making you feel like a million bucks. Plus, the right pair can effortlessly showcase your mood on any given day. From glitzy to laid-back, chic, on trend, and everything in between....the language of footwear cannot be denied. Since shoes are crucial to memorable style, finding the perfect pair is a must. That is where Shoespie comes in handy. There are shoes, shoes, and more shoes to choose from.

When it comes to fashionable footwear, my tastes vary dramatically from day to day. One moment, I may be craving comfortable sneakers with a bold pattern and the next, my preference could involve a pair of gorgeous heels. If you are after the latter, then be sure to check out all of the Shoespie lace up stiletto high heel shoes. There are so many to choose from! That includes beautiful heels with rivet details, buckles, color blocking, straps, add on bows, as well as a wide range of other fabulous details. Whether you are looking for a simple pair of shoes or something with an edgy finish, you can find it with ease.

There are plenty of other types to consider as well. Like the latest style fashion platform heels. This particular style offers tons of height and a more dramatic (and ultra fashionable) look. It doesn't matter what outfit you have planned. There are a ton of fantastic options, styles, colours, and straps to choose from. That means you can always create a stunning outfit from head to toe.

Looking for a little inspiration? Need to find the perfect shoes this season? These are a few of my favourites from sure to let me know which pair is your favourite.

Sometimes, all you need is the perfect pair of shoes. With so many holiday parties coming up and a ton of special events in the new is the time to treat yourself to a stunning new pair.

What shoe style is your favourite?

xo Shannon

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