Wednesday, October 18, 2017

my zaful wishlist.

There is something exciting about new clothes. One new piece from Zaful can instantly breathe new life into a stale or lackluster wardrobe. It can inspire a bold style, bring you joy, and give you a much-deserved feeling of confidence. Yes, fashion is powerful! Lately, I have been thinking of ways to re-vamp my own closet....which is why I have created a little wishlist.

This fashion website has a ton of gorgeous pieces to choose from. That is what inspired me to share my style wishlist with all of you. Here are some of the items I am dreaming about currently...

1. V Neck Ribbed Choker Sweater - Gray Immediately this sweater caught my eye. It has everything I have been loving a cute and cozy knit paired with a bold cut out and choker style neckline. It is both trendy and classic. The combination is perfection!
2. Front Pocket Letter Graphic Cat Hoodie - Pink When it comes to style, I like to have fun. Rarely do I take myself too seriously. Which is why this hoodie (complete with cat ears) makes me happy. It is fun, whimsical, and super cute. It makes a statement without being over the top. I love it.
3. Mock Neck Flare Sleeve Floral Embroidered Sweater - Black I have been totally obsessed with embroidery recently. The details are beautiful, the designs are stunning, and it has this amazing retro vibe. So, needless to say, this embroidered sweater is totally making me smile.

As you can see from the items on my wishlist, I am loving clothes that are both stylish and comfortable. I look for bold details (like cut outs and embroidery) that amp up an otherwise classic style. These kind of pieces allow me to make a statement without stepping too far out of my comfort zone this fall. If you are the same will love this wishlist as much as I do!

Which piece do you like best?

xo Shannon