Sunday, August 13, 2017

getting inspired by: yoins

Honestly? My wardrobe lately has been feeling a little stale. Most of the items hanging in my closet have been worn over and over again. This is both a good and bad thing. It is great because it means there are a ton of favourites for me to choose from....but not so great because it has left me feeling uninspired. There is nothing like a couple of well-chosen pieces to completely re-vamp your wardrobe.

With a new season just around the corner, style has definitely been on my mind. No wonder I have been so inspired by Yoins. This fashion website (which you can check out at: is dedicated to providing gorgeous clothing for women. They have a ton of different styles and categories. That includes dresses, pants, shorts, skirts, sleepwear, active wear, accessories, and so much more. They also have a huge selection of stylish womens tops (seriously, there are so many to choose from! Take a look:

For me, the easiest way to freshen up an existing wardrobe is to add on some new accessories or a beautiful new top. Simply pair them with your favourite jeans for a look that effortlessly combines old favourites with something shiny and new. If you are looking for that perfect item, be sure to browse through the Yoins website. They have some seriously stunning fashion ladies blouses, at:

If you are anything like me, your wardrobe could use a little freshening up. Be sure to check out this website to get a healthy dose of fashion inspiration. It won't take long for you to find pieces that make your heart race. Here are a few of my personal favourites...

What do you think of these looks? Have you ever shopped on Yoins?

xo Shannon


  1. Nice wardrobe.

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  3. The pink blouse is absolutly stunning! I love it a lot <3
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  4. Beautiful selection!
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  5. Great selection!

  6. Love your selection! Need to do some shopping myself ❤

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  9. I really love Yoins! I actually bought some stuff from them before and it was good quality. Thanks for always stopping by my blog even when I'm not there btw, I really appreciate it! :)


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    Adorei essas inspirações!

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