Monday, May 8, 2017

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With summer fast approaching....I am in the midst of a hair dilemma. Do I cut off the length (for a lightweight summery style) or keep it (for a versatile look that I love)? For the most part, my hair is fairly long, but in the summer, I have been known to cut it a little shorter. This is always great at first, but it isn't long before I miss my oh-so-long locks. here lies the dilemma. To cut or not to cut?

While I was pondering this pre-summer decision, I was introduced to UNice. They specialize in human virgin hair, extensions, wigs, and accessories. With so many quality pieces to choose from, the solution suddenly seemed so obvious: enjoy a shorter summer cut....and mix things up with hair extensions. It is the perfect way to get the best of both worlds!

In case you haven't heard about UNice, they are a dedicated to providing a wide array of hair products (like a remy human hair weave, for example). There are wigs and hair extensions in every colour, length, and style imaginable. That means you can always create the look you want. Not a bad way to score gorgeous spring and summer style! Whether you are heading out for a special celebration, a girls night out, or an unforgettable day trip....your hair will look amazing.

Everything available from the UNice website is high-quality, natural-looking, and affordable. With human hair, I Tip Hair, and must have hair accessories (like wig caps, foam curlers, and curling wands) on offer, achieving head-turning hair is easier than ever before. If you're like me and want to change up your hairstyle this season, then consider browsing their large selection of products. Not only will you feel inspired - but each piece can give you the versatility you have been dreaming of.

Are you looking for a solution to your own hair dilemma? Then be sure to keep UNice on your radar. Their website is easy to use and navigate, informative, and loaded with incredible pieces. With a fantastic selection of hair essentials - and a massive selection of wig and extension colours (for a seamless addition of length or lots of sultry fullness) - this is a one stop shopping experience. So....what are you waiting for? This is your chance to do something different, embrace a bold new style, and look your very best.

Will you change your hairstyle this summer? Have you ever worn a wig or used extensions?

xo Shannon


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  2. I am always looking for extensions. These sound delightful!

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