Monday, October 10, 2016

how i become a LiveGlam certified makeup artist.

Life and learning go hand in hand. I used to think that once I finished school, my path of learning was over. There would be no more back to school supplies, compulsory reading, or nervous interactions with teachers. Boy, was I wrong. Somehow along the line, I realized there was so much more to learn. That I actually wanted to learn more. Not for a degree or a job necessarily...but for me.

Over the past year or so, I have been continuing my education in numerous ways. A friend and I have been discovering new passions and learning as much as we possibly can in the process. Then there was LiveGlam. I signed up for an online makeup program earlier this year. It changed my life in ways I never thought possible. Today, I wanted to briefly talk about my experience.

The items I received upon enrollment. They were a great bonus - and a wonderful way to test out new products.

Essentially, LiveGlam is an online makeup artist course that teaches you the tricks of the trade. There were classes on all of the essentials, like skin types, eyebrows, eyeliner, makeup kit must haves, and proper eyeshadow application. To name just a few. (There were also bonus classes with full length tutorials, information about invoices, working with clients, and more.)

When I signed up for the classes? You had to choose a specific instructor, watch their videos, answer quizzes, and continue with the course that way until completion. Once you were finished you could submit your photo and information for your certificate, photo cards, and business cards. Now? They have changed a lot of things about the site. You sign up to become a member rather than choosing a specific instructor. As a LiveGlam member I can view all the videos available on the website. That includes ones from a variety of instructors - and even videos that have to do with hair and special effects makeup. So, even though I have my certificate, there is still plenty to learn.

Recently, I filmed a YouTube video detailing my experience a little bit more. You can check it out below to get a closer look at the items I was sent for enrolling, find out how long it took me to complete the course, and what the experience meant to me.

For me, LiveGlam was a wonderful experience. I learned more about something I love, gained confidence, and even managed to get a great writing job as a beauty expert. The process has been overwhelmingly positive for me. I am so incredibly proud. Not only that I completed the course...but that I put myself first.

xo Shannon