Saturday, September 12, 2015

finding affordable bridesmaid dresses.

It is hard to believe. My wedding was over two months ago. Despite the fact that the big day has come and gone....nuptials are still on my mind. The reasoning is pretty simple. A friend is getting married in just a couple of short months. Another friend just got engaged. It seems that everyone I know is starting to tie the knot! Which means finding a gorgeous dress. Not just for the bride-to-be but for the entire bridal party. One of the issues I faced during the wedding planning process? Finding bridesmaid dresses that looked good, suited everyone, and were affordable.

Have you gone bridesmaid dress shopping before? Then you know how pricey they can be. Anywhere from $200-600 per dress. Before tax. Before alterations. Before accessories. Yikes! This can be difficult if you have budget conscious bridesmaids. The solution is clear: find affordable bridesmaid dresses. I know, I know. Easier said that done. Right? That is where Prom Times comes in handy. Their website,, offers a ton of gorgeous - and affordable - dresses.

What I love? The variety of dresses. There are different colours, fabrics, and shapes to choose from. So...whether you are having an indoor wedding, are saying "I do" at the beach, or are having a traditional church ceremony, there are options for every occasion. Long, short, and in between. Prom Times has a little bit of everything. Don't believe it? Just check out their website. They have a ton of gorgeous (and cheap!) bridesmaid dresses over at: Take a peek and see which ones top your wish list.

Speaking of wish lists....this is mine. There were so many beautiful dresses on the site. They would be perfect for a bridesmaid, maid of honour, or even a wedding guest. Each gown is sophisticated, flattering, and easy to wear. What more could you possibly need? So, without further ado. Here are a few of my favourite affordable bridesmaid dresses.

It isn't always easy choosing bridesmaid dresses. Or sticking to a budget. Thankfully there are websites out there like Prom Times. There you can find beautiful dresses for a great price. That means everyone in your bridal party will be happy. (And happy bridesmaids make for a happy wedding day. Promise!) Be sure to check out for a closer look at these gowns. 

Which dress is your favourite? Is anyone you know getting married?

xo Shannon


  1. Cute bridesmaid dresses. Happy weekend, doll.

  2. Love these dresses, congrats on your marriage!

  3. Those are gorgeous dresses !

  4. wow green dress is super pretty

  5. Love your selections. The dresses look so stunning.
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