Monday, September 21, 2015

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I admit it. As soon as the summer months started to wind down, I found myself feeling blue. What about the warm weather? The carefree days? It seemed to be vanishing so quickly. Maybe I clung on to summer because it seemed to go by so fast. The last several months were spent packing, getting hitched, and re-organizing my life. It was busy to say the least. Even though I felt sad to see the summer go....I find myself getting inspired by the fall season. Already! I think I forgot just how much I love this time of year. The gorgeous makeup, the crisp morning air, and yes, the fall fashion. Out of all the different seasons, I think fall is my favourite in terms of style. You get to layer gorgeous pieces and wear stylish accessories. Thank goodness.

Something I am looking for this fall? A gorgeous jacket. There are a few winter coats hanging in my closet at the moment...but they are old, worn, and out of style. Which is why I turned to tidebuy. They have cheap winter coats galore! I am talking long coats, short coats, coats with faux fur, cute colours, designs, and everything you could possibly imagine. This is exciting for a fashion lover like me. Choices! Want to see their gorgeous overcoats? Check out the tidebuy website:

There are plenty of other must haves on my radar right now. The most important? Handbags. It's amazing how the right bag can pull together a fall look with ease. That makes me glad that tidebuy also offers cheap bags online. I cannot get over the price tags! The styles are gorgeous - and there are so many to choose from - and they are all super affordable. Getting great fashion for a great price is one of my favourite things. So if you need bags for women, be sure to check out

Here are a few of my fall and winter favourites from tidebuy....

Oh, how I love fall fashion. It never ceases to amaze and inspire. Do you love fall fashion as much as I do? Then be sure to add a stylish coat or handbag to your wardrobe this season. Check out to get started.

What is your favourite thing about fall fashion?

xo Shannon


  1. Great selection! I love the bag <3

  2. I feel the same every time summer's leaving ... just love summer so much... and every time I also notice I'm thinking things like 'oh how pretty are all those colored leaves' and I notice I actually also like the other seasons and that maybe I wouldn't love summer this much if it wasn't for the other seasons and then after one month of fall I begin to be okay with it being fall and winter being just around the corner.. I guess it's just perfect as it is :D Haha

  3. I love Tidebuy. One of the best experiences I ever had.
    The last bag is needed! Love it :)

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  4. This website looks very nice!

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  6. the black bag actually is goal *o*