Saturday, March 14, 2015

spring fashion inspired by: Tidestore

There is nothing quite so exciting as watching piles of snow get smaller and smaller. Why? It means that spring is actually on the way! The last few days have been full of (almost) warm weather and tons of sunshine. This shift has made me positively giddy, especially on the fashion front. For months I have been living in sweats, hoodies, and blankets. I am ready to break free! As spring gets closer and closer I confess.....I am dreaming of a new spring wardrobe. Thankfully, Tidestore can help with that. They have a ton of gorgeous (and spring worthy) pieces to choose from.

With my new found desire to change things up and embrace spring fashion, I have been browsing their website non-stop. Especially the T-shirts. I love how chic yet easy to wear they are. Most of the tops on the site are casual yet have these gorgeous feminine details, like bows, ties, soft prints, or asymmetrical cuts. It didn't take long for me to feel inspired and come up with a few favourites for my wish list! You can take a look at their selection of T-shirt here:

After taking a look at some of the t-shirts I started to look for skirts. (Check them out here: Springtime is the perfect time for skirts and dresses as far as I am concerned! They instantly give your outfit a fun and flirty look. I have a pretty large collection of skirt already - but I am always on the hunt for something a little bit different. That is what I really loved about the selection on Tidestore. They really played with fabrics, colours, and cuts. These are a couple of skirts that caught my eye....

Another must on my spring fashion list? Sandals. This is actually something I am desperately in need of. I have exactly two pairs of sandals in my closet. Last year, a few of my favourites bit the dust. So, it is time for me to find new shoes for the spring and summer season. (Yes! How rarely can I say that, right?) As a total shoe-a-holic, looking through the shoes on this site made me super excited for all of this warm weather. Open toe shoes! Leopard print! Bold designs! Love, love, and love some more. These are a few of my favourites from

Spring is on the way....and I am so excited about it. There is a ton going on right now but I hope to stay fashionable throughout it all! So, are you dreaming of spring? Are you looking for stunning seasonal pieces? Be sure to check out the Tidestore website at:

xo Shannon


  1. great store! :)

  2. Love the lace pieces <3 happy saturday pretty!
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  4. Such cute picks, I have to look at their site!

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  6. tidestore is my favourite oriental store. Love for the first shirt *__*

  7. Inspiring picks, Shannon. Glad to read the snow is actually melting at your place. Here it's raining, well what else is new on a weekend, hahaha.

  8. Very great photos, really love this store..


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  12. I like the first choice-the black-white laced top best! Kisses!

  13. Great post! Love your blog style
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  14. Love the lace blouse!

  15. oh the lace blouse is soooo cute

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