Monday, December 1, 2014

today has been cancelled. go back to bed.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about sleep. Maybe this is because I haven't gotten enough of it in recent weeks or even months. Work gets me up early....and keeps me up late. That has caused me to long for a good night of sleep on more than one or two occasions. This is probably why I have been looking through pages of cheap 3D bedding sets on Tidebuy. There is something special about having a comfortable - and beautiful - place to rest your head. It helps you sleep better and even puts your mind at ease.

At the moment, I don't have beautiful bedding. I am using the same old bed set I've had for years. Alas! When I move out though, all of that will all change. Until then, I will dream about having cool 3D Christmas bedding sets with animal print....which you can see here. (I love animal print. Especially leopard print. If everything in my room was leopard print and pink, I would be very happy indeed!) Since sleep has been on my mind stands to reason that I have spent time browsing the Tidebuy new arrival 3D bedding sets. They are absolutely gorgeous! I absolutely love the unique prints, warm colours, and range of styles there are to choose from. They are the perfect addition to your own room or to give to someone special this holiday season.

With so many warm comfortable Christmas bedding sets for Australia, Canada, the US, and more - you can give the gift of a warm, cozy, and stylish bed this year. In addition to all of the gorgeous styles, Tidebuy is also offering some unbeatable prices. The Korean style Christmas bedding sets sale from China is on now. So, take a look and choose a 3D bedding set that speaks to you.

Which bedding sets speak to me? These are a few of my favourite designs.....

Marilyn Monroe With Roses
Marilyn Monroe Image With Roses Printed 3D Pure Cotton 4-Piece Bedding Sets

Rose Blossoming Print
Rose Blossoming Printed 4 Piece Top Grade Comforter Bedding Set

Butty Flowers Bedding
Butty flowers Bedding Sets with Blue Sky, White Clouds Printed

Romantic Gloaming Scenery
Romantic Gloaming Scenery Print 3D Print 4 Piece Bedding Sets

Is it time to upgrade your bedding? I don't know about you, but new bedding is definitely something I am looking forward to! One great option is Tidebuy (you can check out their website at: With plenty of options and some stunning 3D bedding sets to choose from....there is no where better this holiday season.

What do you have on your bed right now? Do you like these bedding sets?

xo Shannon


  1. Last one is super cute! :)

  2. Those bed spread look fab! particularly the first one :)

    Jennos Health.

  3. Nice post! Your blog looks great,
    would you like to follow each other? :)


  4. I know what you mean about old bedding. I've slept in the same bed for going on ten years now and wish I could afford to get a new one, complete with new bedding. Right now, I've got a pale green fitted sheet with a matching sheet and darker green thermal blanket on my bed. Maybe soon I'll get myself a new bed... But first, I must save money for London!

  5. Omgosh, those bedsheets are gorgeous!!!! <3 They are just making me lethargic and sleepy now! :p I shall check out the site :) Thank you!

  6. With these sheets I'd stay in bed all time, too! ;-)


  7. I think I'd pick the last one, the colours are really nice. I know how you feel when it comes to lack of sleep, there are just not enough hours in the day! I have a post on sleep tips, I think it would be really helpful :)

    Yasmeen xx
    The Mirror Affects

  8. Love the last one!

  9. Sono bellissimi! Lucy

  10. I love the swam one.. or the snowy blue one... Now I need them both !

  11. Amazing bedding...I love Marylin!!
    Happy wed!
    Kisses, love Paola.


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  12. I love the Marilyn one... so stylish...

  13. nothing like new bed settings. i'm such a fan of the classic all white beds x