Saturday, September 6, 2014

spotlight: aviva dress

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about dresses. There's a good reason for that! If you have been reading my blog in the last few months, you know that I recently got engaged to my wonderful boyfriend. After two and a half years together....we are ready to start the next chapter in our lives. It is truly a wonderful time. (If not a little stressful!) Something super exciting about being engaged? All of the dresses!

I have actually already bought my wedding dress - but I still have tons of other dresses for me to think about. That includes finding the right bridesmaid dresses for everyone in my bridal party, formal dresses for special events like dinners and the bridal shower, and of course, super sultry cocktail dresses that will work for my bachelorette. Yes, my mind is all dresses all the time.

That is why I have been doing so much browsing online in recent weeks. I want to know what all of my options are. So, I have been going through pages and pages of gowns in search of dresses that speak to me, that use the best materials, have the prettiest colours, and feature bold and feminine designs. My quest to find all of those perfect evening dresses is on! During my browsing, I came across one particular website: Aviva Dress. 

In case you haven't heard about Aviva Dress - here is why you should! They have a ton of great dresses to choose from at reasonable prices. With so many special events coming up for me in the next year....saving money on beautiful pieces is a must. In addition to wedding dresses and other special event looks, they also have prom dresses to choose from. That includes both long prom dresses and short prom dresses. So, whether you have a wedding coming up or a special school dance - you can find a beautiful dress to make the evening special.

During my time on the website, I confess: I fell in love with an awful lot of dresses. My favourites? Ones with glittery bodices and lots of flowy material (like the dress pictured above) and feminine dresses with the high-low cut (seen in the picture below). With so many great dresses to choose from...I am definitely working on my wish list.

There is nothing like a great dress to give you a boost of confidence. Especially when you have a special event coming up! For all of my pre-wedding events, I plan to look my best....and I am going to need a few breathtaking dresses to make that happen. Thank goodness for Aviva Dress!

If you are looking for a dress of your own, head to 

Do you have any formal events or weddings coming up? What do you plan to wear?

xo Shannon


  1. Oh next month I will attend few weddings. Love blue dress.

  2. amazing!!

  3. So beautiful! This is sucha fun time in your life, enjoy. I remember looking at dresses all the time when i was engaged...its a blast!
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  4. The last dress is a dream *__*
    Lovely greets Nessa

  5. The white one is gorgeous! Your blog is very inspirational! Just followed it! Don't hesitate to follow back if you like mine! :)

  6. These are all gorgeous ! And perfect to attend weddings.

  7. What an awesome lineup couture for pretty light colors!
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  8. Lovely dresses, I love the maxi elegant royal blue dress so much

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  9. I will have to check this page out. Good luck on your hunt- can't wait to read follow up posts and see what you decided on! And belated congrats on your engagement dear!
    Stop by and say hello sometime!
    Xo Amanda

  10. Love the blue dress! :)