Friday, February 7, 2014

links of london: valentine wish list

Valentine's Day is one of my favourite holidays. Why? All of the hearts, flowers, and romance! Sure, you can celebrate love any old day (and you should!) but there is something awfully comforting about letting people know you care on February 14th. The thing about Valentine's is that it's an opportunity to spoil the people you love - or heck, even yourself.

Links of London is totally in the holiday spirit right now, too! They are giving you the chance to win your own wish list from their website, with a value of £1,000. You can try to treat yourself or someone you care about. 

What did I choose for my own Valentine's Day wish list? Take a look!

On my wishlist? The Diamond Whispers Love Earrings (okay, these are my favourites. They are too gorgeous!), the Hope Pendant White Topaz necklace, the Cupid's Arrow charm, and the Flutter and Wow Mini Ring.

This competition is open to the general public. For more information follow this link:

What do you think of this wish list? Do you own anything from Links of London?

xo Shannon


  1. I LOVE this post,amazing pictures and style :)
    Do you want to win a Valentines gift?
    Check out my blog and the Keune giveaway here:
    Thank you in advance!
    xoxo Vesi :)

  2. Great list! Love all of them and would be happy to recieve them! I followed you and hope you will do the same!
    Aesthetic Lounge

  3. love links of london x

  4. Love all of this stuff! :)

    It would mean the world to me if you could check out my blog. I'm sort of new and I would love your feedback :)

    AJ | TheAJMinute | @TheAJMinute

  5. Although it feels like I've been eternally single lol, I still love this holiday too! It's one of my favorites! I agree, it's the perfect excuse to tell people how much you love them! And why not, another reason to wear red or pink....and eat lots of chocolate:)! Love your V-Day picks!

  6. That little ring is so dainty and adorable! Would you like to follow each other on Google Friend Connect? Please let me know :)

    Dolce Kisses ♥

  7. I'm looking forward to next weekend - a special evening with my boy on Friday and then with friends on Saturday! Interesting post because I've never heard of this brand. The jewelry looks beautiful! Thanks for stopping by my blog Shannon!

    E from Helsinki, Finland

  8. great wishlist- beautiful items <3

  9. nice wishlist dear... how are you ?

  10. Great wishlist!!!!!!!!!
    Happy sunday, my dear fashion friend!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Lovely wishlist.. Such lovely pieces.

  12. such a cool list! :)
    Emma xx

  13. Amazing pieces! My friend loves Links of London
    I will have to show her this!

    Happy Sunday!

  14. beautiful >.< I want them too. I hope you can get them ^^

    visit my blog ^^

    My online store ^^